OMG! Take a Look at the Most AMERICAN Car in the WORLD!


All Americans should have their cars painted in this way!

Despite the fact that the last version of the Ford Mustang is undoubtedly truly American muscle car, its owner wanted to make it more impressive with an extremely incredible heat – sensitive and color – changing paint job. If you look at the car in normal conditions, you will see that it has a dull sport paint, which comes to life as soon as you pour warm water all over it.

The warm water reveals a completely new surface: a faded American flag with its stars and stripes over the hood. And that’s not all; the passenger side of the car reveals the emblem of the Ford Mustang, which is a running horse. Due to the Mustang itself, this car is referred to as ‘HIDALGO’.

Although we have seen similar types of paint before, we must admit that Rene Turrek did a stellar job with his first attempt. This is definitely the most American vehicle that ever existed.continue-2