ONE IN A MILLION DRAG RACE! Lamborghini Gallardo 550 Hp vs. the Lightweight RC Car


Is there anything more exciting than racing?

In this video, you will see how the boys from Nitro RCX put Lambo Gallardo LP on a big test against their badass Mad Drift Brushless Car on more than 300 feet runway.

The tiny titan was ready to hit the streets immediately and to show off with its distinctive look. Moreover, it is capable of leaving its opponent buried in the dust, in this case, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP.

This RC Drift model characterizes with a more accurate copy number of the body, a suspension tuning, and a copy number of wheels and tire intended for better rigidity.

But this time, the team of the Nitro RCX decided to use this tiny drifter for something other than drifting.
For the needs of RC Drift, mainly models with electric engines are used, because they don’t allow problems like overheating the engine, refilling the tank, noise indoors and corrosive exhaust gasses to happen.

Therefore, the main reason why this petite monster is extremely fast is that it’s light as a feather, have nitro boost and an electric engine.

However, the crew from Nitro RCW claimed that in a long way, the winner would obviously be Lamborghini Gallardo.

Out of fairness for both of the beast-of-machines, they performed an incredible 500 feet run.