THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS Monster Energy Machinery: The Doonies Journeyed Back To The Glamis Sand Dunes Of California To Wreak Havoc And GO BIGGER THEN IMAGINABLE!!!

Monster Energy has done it again, it the commercials world that is. The models that this company has hired for this commercial are gorgeous looking, with their curves and with their mechanical and drivers skills too.
The girls are trying to conquer the Glamis Dunes in California. They are driving their bikes like they are some kind of outlaws or something, alongside with the trucks that are driving on the dunes. These girls will amaze you with the driving skills they have developed. For sure they are not only for the commercial, and the girls drive bikes in their private life too.
The other great part of the commercial is when the main man, Ken Block gets out in the desert too and he will make everyone to look like an amateur. Ken Block is known for his driving and drifting skills, but he also likes to drive in the desert with some outrageous monster trucks.
Ken Block has too many things to teach us for driving in the desert, we can learn either from him or from the girls too, either way they all have great things to tell us.