Is It Possible? 186 Mph Porsche Got Blasted By A Subaru!

Porsche Got Blasted


It the video below, we spotted an owner of Porsche who was riding down the road with 186 mph as he was on top of the world. But, that was not enough to undermine all other motorists who were traveling the road.

However, although at such a great speed, a Subaru arranged an unpleasant surprise for the Porsche owner. In fact, the owner of Subaru got close to the Porsche and then ran past along it as if the Porsche was standing still. It was an extraordinary real-life scenario. We assume that the Subaru was going to more than 200 mph so he could pass the Porsche in that way.

By watching the video below, you can experience the whole scenario of this insane event. Then, if you want, share your opinion with us – we would definitely want to know whether this video clip left speechless after you laid your eyes on it.