The Quick Reflexes Of Tesla Mode To Avoid Collision



The Very Quick Reflexes of Tesla Mode Helped  To Avoid A Rear-End Collision

A good reason  why more horsepower makes the car safer


A supercar is recognize for its abilities to give its owner more control over their hunks of carbon fiber and aluminum. To give the car a good power is not enough, it must control that power. That’s the reason why the greatest supercars are those which can quickly and easily change direction. Not just giving high speed when performing straight-line. However, sometimes, the straight-line performances can turn out to be a good thing. For instance, take this scary scenario. No matter how heavy this P85D Tesla Model S is, it’s capable of changing its speed very quickly. That’s because 100% of its torque goes to all 4 wheels from 0 RPM.

It has quick launch in Insane Mode and even in cause the Tesla’s Launch Control is not used. There is still an option for neck snapping acceleration if you combine it to the firewall. This is exactly what the driver of the Tesla is doing when seeing a Toyota Prius barreling towards it with a distracted driver. The Prius, in order to avoid a crash, applies the brakes too late. But, luckily, as soon as it arrive in the personal bubble of Tesla, the electric car is gone because of its quick reactions and even the quicker launch.