There are few crazes that have taken over the world like fidget spinners. From the $2 ones you can buy at the convenience store down the street to spinners like this one made from several nested bearings that spins for a ridiculous amount of time, these things are everywhere. While most of them are fairly similar in design, having three lobes or bars and a central bearing that provides the minutes-long spin times, many people out there are taking things to crazy levels and building custom spinners that either look really cool, are made of exotic metals and materials, or spin for insane durations.

This one is the latter, using a series of bearings hammered inside one another, this spinner has to have just set the record for the longest spin, especially for one that was built, sort of. While the YouTuber who posted this video did assemble the bearings into the record setting configuration, he didn’t exactly build the bearings themselves, so that blurs the line between homemade for a lot of folks. However, this is the first one of these multi-bearing designs that we’ve seen and there’s no denying the ridiculous spin duration of nearly 13 minutes. However, there could be another “grey area” as far as him using compressed air to set the spinner a’spinning, as many seem to think any “record spins” should be done by hand. You’ll noticed the use of quotation marks because there’s no sanctioning body or regulations on these matters, just internet chatter and some suggested guidelines.

Once he walks us through the assembly process, there’s nothing left to do buy try it out, and as you can see, the results are pretty insane. After spinning a full twelve minutes, the spinner stops just short of the thirteen minute mark, making it easily the longest-spinning spinner we’ve ever seen. Have you seen one spin longer? If so, tell us about it in the comments!