This Driver Behind The Wheel Rips Alongside The Police With 345 Km/H

The Police With 345 Km/H


All of us agree that there are people throughout the world who do not think while driving cars at all. These people often refuse to obey the regulations and put themselves and the others in danger. The following video will give you such a good instance of an unconscious driver.

The driver behind the car wheel which you are about to see in the video below is a great demonstration of how you must not drive. He guy drives with more than 345 km/h. You would probably say that it’s the police that should try to stop him. However, the police in East Europe or in Poland more precisely, do not drive with such speed. Maybe, in many other countries, it would be much easier for the police to catch him, but that’s not the case in Poland.

Watch the following video and be a witness of the mad driving.