Do Not Miss This Roll Race Between Commodore VK Sleeper vs. Nissan Skyline R34

Roll Race

Commodore VK Sleeper vs. Nissan Skyline R34


Speaking of racing, it’s proved that GT-R is a measuring stick for speed, no matter whether it’s R34 or R35. In today’s article, we are going to show you a R-434 GODZLR which has found to be right next to a Commodore.

It seems that this thing cannot be any farther from the reality. Since Holden Commodore possess under the hood. Something to surprise all potential opponents that can stand on its way, including Skyline.

You don’t have to miss the video that we have provided for you. Here showing both of the beasts standing one next to the other, ready to take off. I bet that the majority of you will be left with your mouth open after the end of the race, wondering what has just happened!