See How 1400 Cars and a Sunk Ship Are Being Pulled Out from Water!

1400 Cars and a Sunk Ship


Container ships represent one of the most secure and fastest ways of car transportation. However, even they can sometimes fail. That’s what exactly happened in 2012 in a port in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The shipping container, which was also known as the ‘Baltic Ace’, sunk together with 1400 cars near a port in Rotterdam because of collision with another ship. Immediately after the accident, Mammoet Salvage was select to perform the extreme operation for pulling out the 1400 cars and the sunk ship, because they represented a hazard for the whole environment. At the same time, they removed 540,000 l of oil. The complete operation for removal cost 73.000.000 dollars.

Don’t miss the incredible performance, despite the money problem.