This Spied Mid-Engine Corvette Is The Real Deal

This Spied Mid-Engine Corvette Is The Real Deal

Mid-Engine Corvette


Try to keep calm because this is real. After countless of rumors teases and mind-blowing concepts as well as false starts, a mid-engine Corvette is officially coming our way.

With the small caveat it has, it could easily be branded a Cadillac. For all purposes and intents, this snub-nosed and highly camouflaged car spied testing along with other Corvettes in the snow. It has shown itself to be the embodiment of the long rumor car.

Down below are some pictures of Road and Track’s spy shots:

But with 64 years of history proclaiming the Corvette as the all-time American premier front engine. The rear-wheel-drive sports car “Mid-Engine Corvette” doesn’t sound right. And although Chevy has been keeping up with Europe’s finest, an MR version of the Corvette has been long thought of to be required to truly compete with many of the companies which use inherently balance the layout.