STARE AT THE FACE OF DEATH: FLIRTIN’ WITH DISASTER! Beast of a monster capable of 100,000 PSI!


While we were busy enough with paying attention only to particular muscle cars having big block engines, the diesel monsters went to the gym and took bodybuilding lessons in order to strengthen themselves. Because of that, they transformed into a whole new level. Today, when we look at them is like we are staring at death’s face.

This is because of huge turbos installed on them, prepared at any second to suck the oxygen. And that’s not all; the terrifying noise shakes the windows of the nearest buildings in the area and the toxic smoke just scares everyone around.

The Ultimate Dodge Ram is a real example of that, a diesel monster carrying 6.7 – liter block and pushing incredible 100,000 PSI!

Gosh, when we heard that number coming out of the mouth of the owner, we almost got shock attack. We weren’t clear how that was possible, but as soon as we watch we understood why this beast roared so terrifying. In the past, the Dodge Ram was 9 s but now in the video below it runs on a whole new setup aiming to beat that record. Enjoy!