Take a Close Look at This MONSTER! 1969 Dodge Charger with 1000 HP Will Give You an Adrenalin Rush!


For each Mopar fan, this video will represent a real treat because it shows the extremely astonishing 1969 Dodge Charger that has HEMI under its hood producing very powerful 1000 HP. In addition, this amazing monster that comes from New Hampshire is 100% stock made and street illegal. It is owned by the luckiest person in the world, named Bob Dellinger.

Unfortunately, neither Bob nor I can give you more information about this monster on wheels. But, that will not stop us from enjoying this awesome car in the fullest when Bob is going to start it on the podium while his car is announced by the officials.

Last, but not least: from my point of view, the rear big tires are ruining the overall beauty of this vehicle. I am aware of the fact that such a mighty engine needs them, however I leave you to comment of it after you watch the video.