TAKE A LOOK at This Monstrous Bison TRACTOR Which Smoked the Planet with Its 38,8 – Lt. V-12 Volvo BM 470 Producing 1000 Horse-powers!


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ible tractor like this cannot be seen everywhere. It has been customized in a Norrhyttan, a place which can be found somewhere in Sweden. The Bison Tractor Volvo BM 470 is capable of producing 1000 HP even by running on a V-12 diesel machine.

Its engine is actually taken from a Russian tank, which the owner of the tractor put it inside the tractor itself. Or in other words, this V-12 38,8 Lt. engine was a typical engine produced for the T-54 and T-55 types of Russian tanks, known for being produced a lot throughout the history.

Also, pay attention to the tractor while it is sitting and just purring. We still have doubts about if it is needed the tractor to have that much of a torque; however it is just a matter of opinion.

Take a look what is happening to this beast when the driver is pressing the pedal for acceleration. I will die in order to see this beast in a tractor pull or a tug of war! And, what about you: what would you do if you possess a monstrous beast like this one?