Take a Look at the Ford’s Monstrous Answer to Chevrolet’s Copo Camaro!


Here is the new limited-edition which is prepared to destroy!

Ford Performance had already presented at SEMA 2015 its new 2016 Jet Mustang whose drag racer looks amazing as well. It’s very similar to its antecedents, because it is ready for drag race competition right from the start. Unbelievably, the motor of the Cobra Jet comprises 75% of the Ford Mustang GT production parts. What aids it more is the Whipple supercharger which helps the car to achieve ¼ mile in just 8 second range. And that’s not all! Additionally to the supercharger, Cobra Jet possesses other racing elements which help it in the battle against the Copo Camaro, such as: lightweight race brakes, Aeromotive fuel system having trunk –mounted fuel cell, automotive transmission, Corbeau seats and an 8.50 roll cage. The wheelie bar costs only $ 1,995 and its graphic option $1,995 too. That is the reason why there will be made only 50 units, 25 in Deep Impact Blue or in Oxford White.continue-2