Take a Look at This 2000 HP Camaro Rocket Ship

Take a Look at This 2000 HP Camaro Rocket Ship 

Rocket Ship


In 1969, Nelson Racing engines, in cooperation with Roadster Shop and eGarage had joined together and built an incredible earth-shaking 2000 hp Camaro.

And, of course, the heart of this beast is its motor. This racing Camaro has a Chevy 572 crate motor under its hood and a pair of NRE Billet Blackout turbochargers attached to it. Also, the car contains dual fuel injectors mounted on each cylinder, injecting automatically race gas in the secondary injector. It has 304 NRE exhaust Cooling x-pipe as well. The power of this 2000 hp Twin Turbo ’69 Camaro is a grabbed by a twin 10,5-inch disc clutch and a 6-speed transmission.

Its front suspension has consisted of lowered arms and Detroit speed upper together with adjustable coil shocks. To stop this beast, there are 4-wheel bear disc brakes which are electrically assist. In addition, there are HRE custom rims together with 345/35/18 drag radials painted on the beautiful black color. In the interior, there are back seats that are wrapped in leather. It has a vintage control system for air climate.

This car is definitely a supercar killer. Check out the video below.