Take A Look At This Amazing Car Collection Which Was Seized By the DEA!

Amazing Car Collection


As all of us know. There are a lot of millionaires throughout the world who do not earn their fortune in a legal way. Well, the video you are about to watch is exactly about that. The guy who got insanely rich by selling illegal prescription drugs to sick people. But, he was caught by the US Marshals and DEA during a raid on his incredible villa.

However, that is not out the point of interest since there are numerous situations of this kind on an annual basis. What interests us is his car collection that the guy had in his possession. In fact, this guy had a full shop of exotic cars, starting from 2012 Lambo, to Mustangs, and even 1970 Chargers. 46, to be more specific.

Although he is a criminal, this guy obviously had a good taste when it comes to vehicles. So, besides seizing 22 million dollars, DEA also seized his 46 incredible cars.