Take a Look at This Brutal Hayabusa Powered Buggy

Take a Look at This Brutal Hayabusa Powered Buggy

Hayabusa Powered Buggy


Try to imagine that you are a kid and you ride a go-kart. Now, imagine that very same go-kart, but having a high-powered engine of a motorcycle mounted onboard. In case you did not have such experience when you were a kid, imagine the best you can.

Well, in today’s article, this thought becomes a reality because somebody took a Suzuki Hayabusa and plop it into the ordinary go-kart. It’s something which looks like a wild time for real.

The output of this combination is a kart that rips around off-road, and by so doing, it tears up the grass with a vengeance that makes us want to be a part of. Over-sized or not, this is a real dream of every kid. Do not miss the following video and enjoy showing off the kart in motion.

Then, share your opinion with us and tell us what you think of it. If you had a chance to put any engine into a ride such as this one, what engine would it be?

Watch this off road Hayabusa powered buggy challenge and share your opinion if you want to do some laps?