Take A Look At The Newest Tire Technology Of Dodge Demon

Take A Look At The Newest Tire Technology Of Dodge Demon

Dodge Demon

Step by step, this brand begins to release small teaser specs and shots concerning the greatest and latest Mopar. So, before it hits the streets, the weekly information revealed that this contemporary muscle car will implement the newest tire technology which hasn’t been used in the production of Dodge cars so far.

But, no matter how good the tires can be, just do not cut it if you want to try to throw all of the power at once to the ground. It’s nothing against the tire producers really, they are just simply not intended to be used on the track.

To oppose this fact, Dodge stepped it up with their top-tier machine performance: wrapping 315 wide tires Nitto NT05R on the 18-inches wheels. There is no doubt that Dodge wants to outline this fact in the following video. Check it out if you are really interested in peeping into this amazingly short teaser. Then, share your opinion with us concerning these super wide drag tires.

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