Take a Look How This Sleeper Tahoe Is Taking Down a Few Mighty Cars On the Street!

Sleeper Tahoe


This Powerful 75 mm Turbo Tahoe runs on the streets in order to show the world what it is capable of!

A 75 mm turbo Tahoe 1500 is producing 600 HP and 16psi thanks to the 5.3l! Speaking of the sleeper, it seems just like the average Tahoe, however, that’s a false! There is no doubt that it’s a straight up race truck. It proves so by getting with anything it could on the street!There is nothing like pulling cars in a work truck. It seems that not much could hang with Tahoe because it holds its own against anything else for real!

All of the races are extremely close, but the last one in which the cobra was involved was more than sweet!