This Teen Girl Masters a ’71 4-Speed Camaro

This Teen Girl Masters a ’71 4-Speed Camaro

Teen Girl


Not that long ago, all cars were produced with manual transmission and each driver had to learn how to change a gear. It was a little bit harder for those drivers who just learned how to drive. But the adrenaline that arrived from gear changing was inexplicable.

However, as the technology improved and advanced. Most of the modern cars produced were automatic, and those cars who had manual transmissions became the rarity. Nowadays, almost all cars are automatic and it’s even hard to find a car with manual transmission.

So, the teenage girl you are about to see in the following vide had just learned how to drive an automatic car. But, her boyfriend who owns 1971 4-speed Camaro. Allows her to experience the feeling of driving an old school car with manual transmission. Although all of us though that she would suck in changing gears. She drove it effortlessly and proved everyone. That the teens of nowadays have still talent for using old school manual transmission.

Watch the video and share your opinion is this guy in right to let this teen girl drive the incredible ’71 4-speed Camaro.