The Muscle Car That Put All Sports Cars in a Shade: SHELBY GT350


All credits go to its new flat plane crankshaft.

Although everyone might be so excited about Ford Focus RS, the sports cars addicts are nervously waiting for the next edition of Ford, which is Shelby GT350. This new Ford’s portrayal comes with a 5.2 liter V8 engine which helps the engine to produce more than 526 HP and a monstrous sound.

What is interesting is that the Mustang was always referred to as one of the best muscle cars, but the newly produced GT350 is directly oriented towards the German sports car, that skewed a little bit off the mark.

So, the question is: what did Ford create exactly? Did this muscle car is good enough to stick with the rest modern sports car? If you want to know, just click on the video and you will watch the latest episode by Ignition and you will find out the answer.