The TRUTH Is REVEALED! 1970’s Dodge Charger Challenged by the V – TEC Honda Civic in a DEATH RACE!


Truthfully, this race is being waited to happen for centuries!

 The reason of this is the desire in us to see how tiny engines are being sucked by the mighty monsters in order to let them know who the boss is in the race.

Therefore, we provide to you a video in which you can see a battle between V-Tec Honda Civic and 1970 Dodge Charger.

Just imagine: you and your best friend Mopar are on a ride and all of a sudden, one Japanese man challenges you on a death race. What would you do? Will you think twice before you accept the challenge? Or you won’t think at all because this race can happen once in a lifetime.

Although Japanese cars are so powerful and can survive even very hard tunes, we don’t give up from the raw power of the Mopar.

Charger’s 8 cylinders are rolling badly and deliver an enormous torque power, which makes the engine sound amazing and unbelievable. We shouldn’t underestimate the light weight of the Civic and its immediate launch techniques, but still, I would not mess with the Mopar, because when the beast is angry, you better not stand on its way. There is no force which can stop him.

Enjoy the video!