The World’s BADDEST and BIGGEST Engine! 24 Cylinders and 12 Superchargers!


Take a look at the most bizarre and epic engine that has ever existed in the world! It was made by Mike Harrah from Caribou Industries Inc., and for that reason, the engine is called the BIG MIKE, after its creator.

This scary engine has 3000 HP and it is a V24 – 71 Detroit Diesel, thus making 12 – 871 blows.

If you are about to find extremely powerful engine, then this is the right thing for you. It s a custom build 359 Peterbilt truck, and it is also known as Thor. It has a huge 40 foot chassis which is custom in order to be able to hold everything together.

What’s more, this badass engine makes the most fearsome sound thanks to the Allison transmission.

If you by any means thought that you have seen it all, then you are wrong. We suggest you to watch the video provided here and let your eyes and ears be surprised to the fullest.