THIS HAPPENS ONCE IN A LIFETIME! I Bet You Have Seen Something Similar to This Rocket of a MACHINE: NISSAN GT-R R35!


Being car lovers, we’ve seen plenty of incredible drag races in which cars’ acceleration had left us breathless.
However, after seeing the video below we were left with out mouth open because of what we saw!
We couldn’t believe in our own eyes because of the astonishing thing that we were witnesses of!
Believe it or not, we couldn’t get back into normal after seeing the video!

This is what happens: Two cars are riding on a highway, one of them being a Nissan GT-R R35!
The boy that rides the other car, tries to challenge the Nissan!
But at the moment when he does that, you get the feeling that the Nissan will be beated because of the astonishing sound that was produced by the engine!
But, wait for a second! What the hell did we just see?
The NISSAN GT_R R35 was gone in a blink of an eye thanks to his awesome rocket acceleration!
God knows what monster of an engine was placed under the hood of the Nissan that transformed it in a hellish beast that can rarely be seen in the streets!
Play the video and be one of the witnesses that have seen this incredible acceleration once in a lifetime!