This Mobile Home Pickup Truck Will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY! TWIN TURBO and NOS RAM 3500 Dually – PURE DELIGHT for the Eyes!


If you are used to watch awesome vehicles on a daily basis, then it will not be a problem for you at all to become astonished by one more extremely modified pickup truck. Something like this that gives you an adrenalin rush is more than needed, because each of us wants to see something highly above the average for the hearts to beat faster and faster.

The vehicle you are going to see in the video will get you out of your shoes, because it has all the features to mesmerize you. According to the author of the video, more than 180000 dollars are being invested in this stunning looking vehicle. Each part is custom made: the interior and every gadget you can possibly imagine is made by KingPin Kustomz, from Texas and the exterior is made by Custom Paint and Custom Graphics by Alamo Customs, from Texas too. It has 5.9 liter Cummins Diesel motor under the hood and a special built Air-bag suspension. Enjoy the video which represents a real piece of art in the field of the engineering and design.continue-2