Does This Tractor Comes from the Future of Farming?


Does This Tractor Comes from the Future of Farming?

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All the latest technological improvements and advancements always forge ahead in almost every industry on this planet Earth. At the same time, as they improve, the farming is no different and it’s changing with it. Farmers need to produce more food because of our growing population. They are already too much busy which means that they have equipment such as combines and tractors which can function properly on their own.

But, they need something brand new that might be of great help to those farmers to multitask on new and additional levels. This new technology will allow farmers to integrate new methods into existing fleets and at the same time, it will give them access to real-time data wherever they are. This new technology in the future will change farming for all people’s benefit. This concept which was made by the innovation team of CNH Industrial is truly driver-less and independent.

So, take a look at the company’s vision of for how the tractors will look in a few years.

It was filmed entirely on a working farm in June 2016 in Kentucky, USA.

Watch the video and enjoy the future of farming.