TRULY AMAZING! Watch the WORLD’S FASTEST CRASH TEST of ALL TIMES! See the LEFTOVERS of this family car when it crushes with 120MPH into a wall!


There is no person in the world that would like to watch or even worse, to experience car accidents because of the terrible devastating results. In comparison with the past, today’s modern cars are a little bit safer in an accidental situation because they are better equipped with airbags and sensors. Well, maybe in the low speed car crashes. But, nothing could help on high speed car crash.

 Some claim small cars are a little bit safer than the bigger ones, but some say the opposite? What do you think, who is right? Well, when it comes to high speed crash, there is no place for surviving. In continuation, see what is going to happen in the video with the first generation of FORD FOCUS, which is pulled by 15.000 lb-ft of torque 16 Bugatti Veyrons, reaching 120 mph and going directly into the concrete wall, ending in a serious crash. I recommend you to listen the words of the guys from Fifth Gear.