Turbo HONDA CRX CAUGHT UNPREPARED Charger Hellcat, C6 Corvette and Few Bikes FOR THIS CHALLENGE on the Arizona Streets!


This Honda CRX surprised all of the competitors on the Arizona streets because it’s obvious that they didn’t know what to do and how to win over this tiny Honda.

A few years ago, Honda cars were considered as trash, and people thought that there is no more place on the tracks for Honda.

However, this owner didn’t think that his car is ready for the junk yet, so he decided to transform it into a race car, and he succeeded in so doing.

As soon as you put a turbocharger in this Honda engine, your car then will transform into the ultimate race beast from which everyone will be scared of. Well, the owner put T3 turbo on the engine and thanks to that, the car produces an incredibly satisfying sound.

Car’s hood was removed intentionally in order the drivers to be aware of what this tiny Honda possesses beneath. The interior of the Honda was modified too. Therefore, we can guarantee that there is no other Honda car that looks similar to this one.

Immediately next to the gear, there are placed many gadgets measuring the engine’s readings.