Turbo Mustang and Chevy Corvette BLOWN AWAY and DESTROYED in a DRAG CRUSH at Lights Out VII Event!


Everyone has bad days or bad moments we could say, so this Mustang and Corvette too. After seeing the video, you would say that it wasn’t good idea to take both beast-of-engines to the drag strips today!

Before the drag race begins, the Mustang was doing a burnout promising steady and great race, as well as Corvette. Burnouts are common things before the race and drivers practice it because burnouts warm up the tires and prepare the engine for what is expecting it in the upcoming 10 seconds.

But unfortunately, the drivers got wrecked today at the event called Lights Out VII. The Corvette had the drag race of its life only for a second, and the very next one it tried to reach the Mustang on the other lane. On the third second, both of them were blown away in the terrible crash. Being destroyed so much, they will forget about racing in the near future.

Perhaps, if the driver held the steering wheel stronger, maybe all of this wouldn’t happen, who knows? Or, if he didn’t give so much gas on the engine, the tires would have handled the load and wouldn’t go sideways.

We can imagine how mad the Mustang’s driver is now! He had all, and after the crash, he is left with the steering wheel in his hands only. It’s no doubt that this was a very tough day for both racers because after all, they need to calculate the damage now and see how much the repair is going to cost. The repair of the Corvette will be much more expensive, though.