Twin Turbo Dodge Viper MAKES A HELLCAT SOUND AND FEELS LIKE COROLLA! Take a look at the first twin turbo Viper created by RSI Solutions!


When you see this car for the first time, you’ll have the feeling that it’s arrived from a different planet because it looks unreal. You’ll think that its mission here in the world is to make other cars look like miniatures.

In addition, not only it’s beautiful from the outside, but its interior inside when you sit behind the wheel will leave you breathless and you will think ‘Ok, I don’t need another car ‘till the rest of my life’.

This Dodge Viper will pass the ending line for many upcoming years since no more cars will come close to this.
It has an enormous 8.4 liter V10 engine and perfectly lined-up 10 cylinders. Thanks to them, the explosions that are happening inside sound like music when the engine runs and produces 640 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque. An ace in the sleeve is that the engine has a set of a twin turbo, so as soon as you hear a roar of it, you know that a Viper is coming close to you. It sounds like Hellcat and feels just like Corolla. Take a look!