The ULTIMATE 2015 FORD ROCKET SUPERCHARGED! Take a Look at the Newest 725 HP Muscle Car Tuned by Galpin Auto Sports!


The American tuning studio named Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) and its designer Fisker presented recently their new project Rocket on the International Auto Show in LA. Rocket is based on the American classic muscle car, Ford Mustang possessing an engine of 725 HP.

However, the difference between the tuned car and the standard Mustang is more than obvious.

What’s more, the experts of the tuning studio especially highlighted the incredible characteristics in their project. In it, we can spot the great amount of new hand-made body parts from carbon fiber, thus improving the aerodynamic indicators of the Ford Mustang Rocket.

The exterior of the body is especially highlighted with grey color, Pirelli P tires and 53 cm ADV wheels. And when it comes to the interior, we can say that it is furnished with red leather carbon fiber.

The future plans of the GAS tuning studio are to produce 100 cars annually, by the price varying from US $125.000,00 up to US $156.000,00.