WATCH This Girl’ HUMOROUS Reaction to a Flame-Spitting Lamborghini Aventador

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If you owe an Avetador, then you definitely have a cause to show off.

To possess an Aventador is a great privilege and there is no doubt at that. Plus, driving a 700 HP Lamborghini which is powered by V-12, guarantees getting extra attention no matter where you go.  Especially, if your high-powered vehicle has extremely attractive DMC body kit made out of carbon fiber like the one provided below. This amazing supercar, which is in possession of Jorje Martinovic, is just one of the many in his collection. In his collection you may find Bentley Continental Super Sports and Ferrari FF as well.

So what happened exactly? The Aventador, stopping at a sign, caught the attention of the people around, thus including a girl whose good taste at cars by no means should be underestimated. Then, as soon as it wanted to proceed, it revved the engine and flames occurred out of it exhaust.  The girl obviously didn’t expect that! See how she experienced the surround sound! Enjoy!continue-2