Watch Out – These Tires Are Bombs!

These Tires Are Bombs!


All of us are exposed to some hazardous situations and things on a daily basis. In fact, the majority of accidents happen either because individuals got distracted by several reasons. Or they do not matter at all.

Be careful- What you are about to see in the video below are tires which can explode in every second. They are extremely dangerous; especially the split rims. These bombing tires were the reason for death and severe injuries to many people because a lot of people who did not respect the safety points have later regretted it.

These bombing tires happen because of the fact that they are were not properly fitted or compressed air. These types of tires have to be put inside of a cage made of steel in order to prevent the ring from killing someone in case they explode.

I do not doubt that some of you may have been witnesses to similar situations like these shown in the video, or some of you might have even been so lucky to step away a few seconds before it explodes.
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