If you’ve never heard of wakeskating or wake surfing, then welcome to pure craziness. No, this isn’t like wakeboarding or waterskiing. It might be similar, but instead of holding on to a rope, the thrill seeker who is out and looking for danger simply hops off of a boat’s swim platform and goes to town, using the momentum from the boat’s wake to carry them forward and keep up with the boat – most of the guys who carry it out with no other people on their boat are nothing short of crazy as there’s no means to stop the boat from keeping on rolling should something take that wake surfer down, not to mention the fact that they’re playing with fire as the boat’s propeller is right underneath their feet!

This time, we check out a maniac in action as he hops off of his ski boat that looks to have nobody else onboard and surfs on the boat’s wake!  It’s definitely stressful for us to watch, wondering if the adrenaline junkie will be able to get back on the boat before it rockets away from him. Honestly, if there’s truly nobody else on the boat, this one is nothing short of a boneheaded maneuver that’s really unnecessarily dangerous to everyone else sharing the water with the boater on this sunny day.

Check out the video below that shows the wild stunt and tell us what you think of this maniac in action. I guess once you’re an adrenaline junkie, you need to find some way to up the ante just a little bit more with each and every stunt and this one most certainly accomplishes that and more! Would you ever try something like this? Something tells me that most people would probably shy away from something that seems to be overly dangerous without much payoff involved.

Source: www.speedsociety.com