Will You Pay This ENORMOUS SUM OF MONEY for This BENTLEY Continental Convertible No Matter How COOL IT LOOKS?


There is no doubt that Bentley Continental Convertible is a hell of an awesome car. It can be definitely said that is the most luxurious and the most distinguishable cars to drive in Beverly Hills. Its V8/ W12 engines that produces 500 or nearly 600 HP makes this car incredibly powerful. In case you don’t feel it’s good enough, here comes Startech which makes stunning cars like these to look even more badass.

However, this amazing Bentley with Startech kit is being exposed for sale in Sahli&Frei AG in Switzerland. The menacing black cruiser that consists of new fascia at the front, wheels and rear diffuser just add to the incredible interior with carbon fiber accents in lime green.  But, what shocked us the most was its price. The price of this car was, no more or less but $500,000. Is it more worthy than the super fast GT3 – R Continental for sale? What do you think? Leave your comments and let us know your opinion.continue-2