When it comes to the most popular pop culture trends and videos that follow them, you can always expect to find the action on YouTube, the website that has grown to be the second most visited in the world behind only its parent company in Google. The site is definitely one that houses countless memories from the small ones that you share with just your family to the big ones that reached millions if not billions of people, really changing the way that we’re able to communicate with one another.

For some time now, we have watched the internet sensation that exploded a couple of years ago, in 2012, that goes by the name of “Gagnam Style” exploding but just recently, another video managed to smash through that record compiling almost 2.9 billion views on its way to becoming the most viewed video on the biggest video platform to ever exist. As the title infers, we’re talking, of course, about that music video that hits very close to home for the car community in Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” Paul Walker tribute that would be released alongside the last Fast and Furious movie that the non-CGI version Walker would be seen on screen in.

For now, it looks like Khalifa and company will be the one to hold this position for some time as Luis Fonsi’s “Despacio,” released in January of this year is the only recently posted video that looks to have a shot at Wiz and at 2.49 billion views, he’s currently sitting behind by about 400 million views. It’s an exciting thing to watch as YouTube ages to see what videos will be gilded as the most popular of a generation. How long will this music video be able to hold on? Only time will tell!

If you want to relive the video again for yourself to see what all of the hype has been about, check it out down below.