Wonderful Compilation Of Supercars Starting That You Must Watch


In the video that follows you will see amazing four and a half minutes of cars starting, and that will be the best four and half minutes that you will spend today on the Internet searching for something interesting.
This is a great compilation that contains recordings from different kinds of old and new cars. They all have different, unique sound starting from the Porsche 365’s flat four to the twin-turbocharged W-12 Bentley Continental GT Speed.
You will see a wonderful list of cars, including everything from sports cars and classic muscle to modern exotics, together with a couple of tuner specials. This is a great opportunity to compare the new with the old, to compare the newer models with their predecessors. The cars were taken from the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, McLaren Newport Beach and Vorsteiner, dealerships Lamborghini Newport Beach and the beautiful collection of Eric Breslow.
You can compare the exhaust note of Jaguar F Type to that of a vintage E-Type or XKSS, or it’s really wonderful how the Ford GT sounds like a 1967 GT 40 Mark III. Watch the following video to find out.